Your Donations will help student vets achieve their goals


Strike For Vets was created by Eagle Scout, Orange County Citizen of the Year and Jefferson Lead 360 award winner Daniel Bolan at the age of 14 to be a vehicle to help a spinal cord rehab center for Wounded Warriors.

Over the last six years many events throughout the United States have helped many veterans organizations doing good work and with gear sales built the Strike for Vets brand in bowling very effectively that has propelled Strike for Vets into multiple channels into a clear direction.


Strike for Vets 501-C3 not for profit has three pillars of involvement that is creating a national movement:

  1. Events – that are diverse and are designed to be awareness or funding.
  2. Grass Roots Youth Movement – Working in High School and Colleges.
  3. Gear Sales to build brand recognition in Military Exchanges, Retailers and at events.


Subaru, US Sugar, Salem Communication, Spectrum Communication, Cox Communication, Storm Bowling, Kegel Bowling and many local partners.


With colleges recruiting student veterans and Institutions very left of center there are anti-military sentiments that prevail along with other clear issues. Strike for Vets is positioned to start a grass roots youth movement in to top 50 school in the nation along with partnering with conservative groups to enhance the student veterans experience.

Creating communities of connectively that build an internal and external network with conservative youth standing firm behind veterans and working with Turning Point USA, along with Young Republicans groups to enhance the experience for student veterans and expand their network for jobs and involvement.